Starbook Plowfolder Book Block Solution

The Hunkeler Starbook Plowfolder Book Block Solution is designed to run near-line or inline in high-volume digital print environments. This system produces glued book blocks from 4- , 6-, or 8-page signatures that can be easily transferred to a perfect binder and three-knife trimmer for book finishing. The Starbook Plowfolder solution is optimal for short or long run lengths, including book-of-one, and can easily produce variable thickness books. It can run at speeds of up to 820 feet per minute.

  • Unwinding: The UW8 Unwinder can handle web widths of up to 22.5” and can handle up to 1,980 lbs. Roll change time is 30% lower on the UW8 compared to previous generations of unwinders. For wider media or continuous production, the Starbook Plowfolder solution is also compatible with the UW7 Unwinder, RS8 Automated Roll Splicer, and RX8 Automated Media Changer.  
  • Plowfolding: The PF8 Plowfolder features additional and improved fold pressing units to ensure a tighter, higher-quality fold, and the PF8 also features a web guide for continuous fine adjustment of the web, ensuring accuracy and stability. The PF8 features a reduced fold pattern changeover time compared to the PF7, and the barcode reading unit is now located before the folding unit for extended code and mark placement options. 
  • Dynamic cutting: The CS8-B Rotary Cross Cutter converts the multiple-up signatures into book blocks, with available edge trimmers and gutter cuts to remove marks or white areas. The CS8-B’s optional Dynacut function allows for dynamic changes in cut length during continuous production. A dynamic waste gate allows for the seamless ejection of non-production signatures. 
  • Book delivery: The BD8 Book Delivery Module with fully automated changeover has a modular design that can include 2 or 3 collecting units for maximum flexibility. The BD8’s multiple glue units allow operators to refill or clean glue tanks without stopping production. Using Hunkeler’s patented starwheel delivery system, the BD8 delivers flat, evenly spaced book blocks with straight spines – even when working with short cycle times. Finally, the BD8 is a first-in, first-out (FIFO) delivery system, ensuring that single book blocks are delivered in same the order they entered the system

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Production speed Up to 820 feet/min
Web width Up to 30″
Stack height Up to 4″
Signature length 5″ to 13″
Signature width 4.3″ to 12″

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