AFV-566SF/TV-566SF Folder

The Horizon iCE AFV-566SF/TV-566SF is a fully automated, buckle/buckle folder that reaches new levels of efficiency, especially for short runs and variable applications. This 6-buckle folder can be run in-line or off-line, and it can perform precise, complex folds with a high degree of accuracy on a wide variety of paper weight ranges. The system has a belt speed of up to 885ft/min and is capable of up to 36,000 cycles per hour. The AFV-566SF/TV-566SF is also equipped with iCE LiNK, Horizon’s bindery control system.

  • Full automation: The AFV-566SF/TV-566SF is fully automated, requiring few manual adjustments. At registration, sheet-smoothing guides can be set automatically according to sheet width, and the 5 independent vacuum fans can be adjusted based on sheet length and whether the sheet is coated or uncoated. At the fold section, roller gaps can be automatically adjusted according to sheet thickness and fold pattern, eliminating the need to perform a sheet insertion for each roller gap.
  • Touchscreen and controller: Job setup and fine adjustments are done via the machine’s 12.1” color touchscreen. From the touchscreen, operators can choose from pre-set common fold patterns or create a custom fold pattern and save that pattern to one of 999 memory slots for quick future recall. The AFV-566SF/TV-566SF also features a wired remote control that can be used to stop/start the machine, perform a test feed, or adjust settings on the fly from any operating position.
  • Perforation and scoring: Perforation, slit perforation, scoring, and slitting are all possible on the AFV-566SF/TV-566SF. Additional options are available including strip trimming multiple-up jobs, trimming the closed side of glued signatures, and punch perforation.
  • New drive rollers: On the TV-566SF, new conical-shaped drive rollers improve registration accuracy and can easily transfer the most complex folds to the second fold section. The pressure of each roller can be adjusted individually.
  • Improved delivery: A full-width delivery belt allows for the smooth transport of a wider range of applications, including 2-up or 3-up jobs. Automatic belt advancement also helps maintain consistent, clean shingled delivery.
  • Operator-friendly: With improvements like automatic height adjustment of the feeding table, easy-access covers at key positions to monitor operations and resolve errors, highly-visible LED machine status indicator lights, expanded safety sensors, and a measurable reduction in machine noise, the AFV-566SF/TV-566SF is designed for the greater comfort, safety, and efficiency of every operator.

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Paper Weight Range 40 to 250 gsm (Uncoated)
50 to 232 gsm (Coated)
Maximum Sheet Size 22.00″W x 35.4″L
Minimum Sheet Size 5.08″W x 5.83″L
4.13″ W x 5.83″L with optional SSK-56V
Belt Speed 98 to 885 feet/min (Parallel folding)
98 to 656 feet/min (Knife folding)
Feeding Cycle 36,000 cycles/hr

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