WI8 Web Inspection System

The Hunkeler WI8 Web Inspection System is a high performance solution for production monitoring and quality control. The system can check the quality and content including colors, positions, contours, jet-outs, data validation, and more by scanning the entire width of the paper web with a CIS scan bar, acquiring high resolution images of each page at full speed, and comparing those pictures to the control sample.

  • CIS sensor: Compact CIS sensors can be mounted easily in specified inkjet presses and Hunkeler devices, and the sensors require no adjustment or mechanical calibration
  • Reduced downtime: The WI8 System can identify printing quality and content errors at an early stage to reduce downtime and wasted paper.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen: The system features a 21” LCD touchscreen with an intuitive interface for a straightforward display of scanned images and detected errors.
  • Integration options: The WI8 System can be easily integrated with Hunkeler’s CS8 Cutter, DP8 Dynamic Perforator, and WM8 Web Merger.
  • Software packages: The system is scalable for the addition of a variety of optional software packages:

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Speed 500 fpm (can extend to 1,050 fpm)
Image Resolution 600 dpi at 450 fpm, 300 dpi at 1,520 fpm
Max Scan Width 23.1″
Max Scan Length 40″

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