iCE LiNK Bindery Control System

iCE LiNK is a subscription-based bindery control system from Horizon that allows for production management across multiple finishing devices to provide a higher level of operational efficiency. iCE LiNK can be accessed from anywhere using the cloud, and iCE LiNK is compatible with a wide range of Horizon solutions, even those that are not part of the latest iCE Series generation of Horizon products.

  • Increase up-time: iCE LiNK can send alerts about parts that need to be replaced and can schedule preventative maintenance based on historic production levels to significantly reduce costly, unexpected downtime.
  • In-depth analysis: With real-time data and detailed visual graphs that can be accessed from anywhere using the cloud, iCE LiNK allows for easy analysis of production processes in order to find inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and more.
  • Connect across production: A single subscription license to iCE LiNK supports up to 20 machines which can be easily added to the license at any time.
  • Use only what you need: iCE LiNK is offered as three different subscription tiers – IoT Basic, Automation, and Enterprise.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Standard is offering a complimentary 3-year subscription to iCE LiNK’s Enterprise tier for new subscribers! Contact us below for more details.


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