DP8 Dynamic Perforator

The Standard Hunkeler DP8 Dynamic Perforator offers improved productivity with even greater functionality and speed for dynamic perforation, scoring, and punching of payment forms, tear-off coupons, mailings, and security applications.

  • Automated setup: A touchscreen editing tool allows fast and easy setups.
  • Greater functionality: The DP8 can be equipped with up to 3 cross perforation cylinders and up to 12 longitudinal perforations, as well as cross and longitudinal scoring tools and file hole punching tools.
  • Greater flexibility: The system offers customizable, independent processing of 2 web lanes in 2-up production for highly variable jobs.
  • Improved productivity: The DP8 supports job storage and automatic retrieval of the proper perforation, scoring, and punching patterns at speeds up to 800 fpm.
  • Reduced costs: The DP8 also helps reduce material and storage costs by eliminating the need to purchase and store pre-processed paper.

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Perforating Punching
Production Speed up to 720 fpm up to 500 fpm
Web Width up to 20.5″ up to 20.5″
Format Length 5.5″ to 62″ 5.5″ to 62″
Paper Weights 40 to 200 gsm 60 to 120 gsm

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