DocuTrim Digital Sheet Finishing System

The Hunkeler DocuTrim Digital Sheet Finishing System is a modular, multifunctional sheet processing system that can trim, cut, perforate, and stack sheets up to 20.47” x 20.47”. The DocuTrim was specially designed for maximizing the productivity of short- or single-run applications, and it can be run at speeds of up to 11,500 sheets per hour.

  • Flexibility: Hunkeler’s DocuTrim can be run inline with cut-sheet printers or offline, and its modular design with individually combinable cutting and perforating in the dynamic multiprocessor allows for the cutting and processing of a variety of formats, position-independent slit cuts, and chip-outs.
  • Versatile cutting: Printed sheets can be cut into sheets as small as 5.83” x 4.13” (1-up) or 5.83” x 5.83” (2-up), collated, and placed in groups as offset stacks as high as 9.06”. The Hunkeler DocuTrim also seamlessly supports edge and gutter cuts.
  • Dynamic perforation: Vertical and horizontal perforations are possible on the DocuTrim, and up to 6 vertical and 6 horizontal perforating tools can be used to produce a wide variety of perf patterns that can be static or dynamically triggered by a data matrix.

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Paper Weight 60-250 gsm
Sheet Size (Input) 7.09″ L x 5.98″ W (Min)
20.47″ L x 20.47″ W (Max)
Sheet Size (Output) 5.83″ L x 4.13″ W (Min, 2-up)
5.83″ L x 5.83″ W (Min, 1-up)
20.47″ L x 20.47″ W (Max)
Stack Height Up to 9.06″
Production Speed Up to 11,500 sheets/hour

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