CRF-362 Creaser/Folder

The Standard Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital color output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral.

  • Pre-configured patterns: The CRF-362 comes configured with 7 selectable fold patterns and 6 selectable cover creasing patterns for perfect binding including spine, hinge, and flap creasing.
  • Eliminate image cracking: Capable of up to 10 crease lines on a sheet, the system uses an impact scoring technology that eliminates or minimizes cracking of the stock or printed image.
  • Add-in perforation: The CRF-362 can also easily handle perforations with the optional PRF-36 Perforation Unit
  • Easy setup and changeover: Set-up and changeovers – including fold pattern, creasing number, and up/down crease selection – can be easily achieved through the high resolution color touchscreen designed for simple and intuitive operation.
  • Broad paper range: The system can handle paper weights up to 400 gsm for creasing without folding (350 gsm with folding) and sheet sizes up to 14.33” x 34”.

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Maximum Sheet Size 14.33″W x 34″L
Minimum Sheet Size 4.14″W x 7.09″L
Stock Weight Range 80 to 400 gsm (without folding)
Folding Speed Up to 5,000 sheets per hour
Maximum Pile Height 5.9 inches
Weight 760 pounds

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