Standard Finishing SmartSlitter

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About the SmartSlitter from Standard Finishing:

The SmartSlitter is an all-in-one smart sheet processing system that can slit, gutter cut, edge trim, cross-cut, perforate, and crease in a single pass. The system accepts sheet sizes up to 14.33” x 26.37”. Skip perforation feature for easy execution of T and L-perfs. Ideal for greeting cards, table tents, invitations, business cards, coupons, tickets, and more.

Pre-Owned Details:

Model: Standard Finishing SmartSlitter

Year: 2016

As of 3/19/2020:

  • Total Run Time: 160 hours
  • Total Feed Counter: 86,121
  • Total Delivery Counter: 1,775,876
  • Total Cut Counter: 1,234,111





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