HT-110 Three-Knife Trimmer

The Standard Horizon HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer operates in-line or off-line and can achieve productivity of 4,000 books/hour. Trimming cycle can be adjusted in 13 stages from 400 to 1,600 cycles per hour. The system features lift size up to 3.14″ thick and offers easy, accurate set-up and operation.

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HT-1000V Three-Knife Trimmer

The Standard Horizon HT-1000V Variable Three-knife Trimmer is capable of one-to-one variable trimming, in-line or off-line. Setup and variable trimming is achieved by reading a barcode printed on a cover sheet, and it can trim up to 1000 variable-thickness and format size books per hour. The HT-1000V will accept a wide range of input sizes and deliver trimmed books from 5.7″ x 4.05″ up to 13.38″ x 11.69″.

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HT-80 Three-Knife Trimmer

The Standard Horizon HT-80 Three-knife Trimmer can be used off-line or in-line for fast, efficient book production. The HT-80 includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 10.4” color touch-screen control panel to meet the requirements of the short run print-on-demand book market. The system can trim books of the same size but different thickness at the same time to achieve true book-of-one production.

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HT-300 Three-Side Trimmer

The HT-300 Three-side Trimmer can be used off-line or in-line, and it features a fully automated setup with color touchscreen control. The system offers higher productivity, increased book trimming control, flexible configurations, customizable color-coded interior LED lights, unique corner cut capability, and optional flap cover trimming.

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HT-30C Three-Side Trimmer

The Standard Horizon HT-30C Three-side Trimmer offers unattended, fully-automated trimming, even on books of different thickness. The operator simply inputs untrimmed and trimmed book size at the color touchscreen and places the books on the feed table. Books are automatically transported through the process for accurate, professional trimming.

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