Multi Clamp

Roll-to-Perfect Bind

The Smart Binding System combines a Hunkeler unwinder and rotary cutter with Horizon folder, gluing and pressing station, perfect binder, intelligent accumulator and three-knife trimmer to convert pre-printed rolls into finished books in a continuous, fully automated, touch-free process.

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CABS 6000 Perfect Binding System

The innovative Standard Horizon CABS 6000 perfect binding system is bringing new levels of automation to production bookbinding,  producing up to 6,000 books/hour.

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SB-09 Perfect Binder

The SB-09 can be run as a stand-alone binder or as a binding system with in-line three-knife trimming when connected to the HT-110 Three-knife Trimmer. The system can run at production speeds of up to 4,000 books per hour while minimizing overall production costs.

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BQ-500 Perfect Binder

The BQ-500 perfect binder is designed for increased book-of-one productivity, increased automation, and increased quality control over a wider range of substrates regardless of run length. In a variable range of +/-5mm, the BQ-500 can reach production speeds of up to 800 books per hour.

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