PJ-110 Paper Jogger

For higher production needs, the floor model Standard Horizon PJ-110 Jogger will jog a 3.7″ lift of paper in a vertical position or a horizontal position to suit your operating requirements. The V-shaped jogger tray allows you to jog a criss-cross stacked pile easily. The PJ-110 is easy to set up and operate. A foot pedal switch starts and stops the jogger so both hands are free. The Standard PJ-110 paper jogger provides relief to difficulties in jogging today’s statically charged digital output.

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Jog-Fast Jogger

The Jog-Fast Jogger from Standard makes duplicating and print finishing easier to handle. With its simple vibrating system, the Jog-Fast fluffs paper, dissipating electricity and aligning the edges for efficient gathering for folding, collating, binding and more.

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