Floor Model

AFC-746F B1 Pallet-Feed Folder

The Standard Horizon AFC-746F B1 Pallet-feed Folder includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly color touch-screen control panel that displays all common fold formats and sheet sizes for easy selection. The folder features quick changeover and fully automated setup with up to 47 automated adjustments including in-feed, roller gap, buckle fold, and knife-fold sections.  It handles sheet sizes up to 29.1” x 43.3” and as small as 8.27” x 11.695” with programmable memory for up to 200 different jobs.

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AFV-566FKT Folder

The AFV-566FKT Folder from Standard Horizon is the latest addition to Horizon’s popular line of folders. This 6-buckle folder comes equipped with iCE LiNK, a cloud-based workflow monitoring tool from Horizon. The system can reach speeds of up to 656 feet/min with cross-folding and up to 885 feet/min for parallel folds.

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AFV-566SF/TV-566SF Folder

The Horizon iCE AFV-566SF/TV-566SF is a fully automated, buckle/buckle folder that reaches new levels of efficiency, especially for short runs and variable applications. This 6-buckle folder can be run in-line or off-line, and it can perform precise, complex folds with a high degree of accuracy on a wide variety of paper weight ranges.

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AF-408/TV-406F Small-Format Folder

The AF-408/TV-406F Small-format folder is a fully automated, 8-buckle folder with an operator-friendly, automated setup that can manage a wide range of simple or complex fold patterns, especially for the insert and pharmaceutical markets.

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CRF-362 Creaser/Folder

The Standard Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital color output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral.  Creasing and folding at speeds up to 5,000 sheets per hour are possible on the CRF-362.

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