iCE StitchLiner Mark IV Saddlestitcher

The iCE StitchLiner Mark IV Saddlestitcher is a third-generation saddlestitcher from Standard Horizon that combines the efficiency and ease of operation of flat-sheet collating with the productivity, versatility, and quality of a traditional saddlestitching system. All processes, including signature scoring and folding, saddlestitching, and three-knife trimming are performed in one pass. The Mark IV can produce a wide range of applications, including A4 landscape booklets and pocket-sized booklets.

  • Production speeds: The Mark IV can run at speeds of up to 6,000 booklets per hour for A4 portrait applications and 5,300 booklets per hour for A4 landscape applications.
  • True variable production: Stitch length, balance adjustment, registration guides, trim size, and more can all be changed automatically from booklet to booklet during operation for true variable booklet production.
  • Increased up-time: The Mark IV can maintain production speeds even while in variable thickness mode or when cover sheets are inserted. The Mark IV can also run continuously even if a booklet with an error such as a dropped stitch or sheet misalignment is detected by seamlessly rejecting the booklet to a tray.
  • Consistent quality: The Mark IV can stitch booklets up to 10 mm thick (about 50 sheets at 50lb offset). Across all booklet sizes, the system’s scoring function reduces cracking on the spine and allows for a tighter fold. Depending on the substrate, the gap and scoring pressure can be adjusted for consistent scoring quality. The sheet-alignment section of the Mark IV features 4-directional jogging for a tighter jog and more accurate alignment across stocks. Improvements to the Mark IV’s transport system also allows for stable sheet transport across substrates, even for coated sheets.
  • Flexible configuration: The iCE StitchLiner Mark IV can be integrated with VAC series collators and the HOF-400 High-speed Sheet Feeder. The feeding system and other optional devices can be configured depending on your specific needs, including for offset or digital print output. The Mark IV’s infeed height can be adjusted from 28.34” to 43.70” to allow for connections to various unwinders and cutters.
  • iCE LiNK ready: The Mark IV is compatible with iCE LiNK, Horizon’s cloud-based information and diagnostics system.

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Sheet Size 14.0″ W x 20.0″ L (Portrait max)
10.5″ W x 24.0″ L (Landscape max)
5.5″ W x 7.6″ L (Min)
Booklet Size (Untrimmed) 14.0″ W x 10.0″ L (Portrait max)
10.5″ W x 12.0″ L (Landscape max)
5.5″ W x  3.8″ L (Min)
Booklet Size (Trimmed) 13.9″ W x 9.9″ L (Portrait max)
10.4″ W x 11.9″ L (Landscape max)
4.7″ W x  3.4″ L (Min)
Sheet Weight Range 52.3 to 350 gsm (Normal)
73.3 to 350 gsm (Coated)
Fold Thickness 2mm/0.075″ (Max)
Stitching Wire 0.5 mm
Production Speed 6,000 booklets/hour (A4 Portrait)
5,3000 booklets/hour (A4 Landscape)

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