SPF/FC-200A Bookletmaker with Short Conveyor: Sold

The Standard Horizon SPF/FC-200A is a fully-automated combination stitcher/folder and face trimmer that is equipped with a user-friendly 10.4″ intelligent color touchscreen that provides advanced set-up automation and centralized control.

This preowned unit includes the SPF-200A stitcher and folder, FC-200A fore-edge trimmer, IFU-200 in-feeder unit, and the SC-200 short conveyor.

  • Availability: Sold
  • SPF-200A:
    • Year: 2008
    • Serial Number: 317023
    • Count: 1,663,078
  • FC-200A:
    • Year: 2008
    • Serial Number: 317035
    • Count: 638,175
  • IFU-200:
    • Serial Number: 313013
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