The Standard Horizon SmartStacker converts a B2 size (20″ x 29″) sheet into up to 28 individual cut sheets with intelligent accumulation, stacking, and end-to-end JDF control. Designed to run in-line with the B2-format HP Indigo 10000/12000 Digital Press, the system can also be operated near-line to serve multiple print sources with a sheet feeding capability of up to 4,500 B2 sheets per hour.

  • Full bleed trimming: With variable gutter cuts and adjustable edge trimming, the SmartStacker can ensure accurate margins for full bleedĀ images.
  • Highly adaptable: The system can deliver finished products such as posters or postcards, straight or offset stacks, individual sets or book blocks, or it can bypass to in-line finishing for saddlestitching, perfect binding, or folding.
  • No manual intervention: The highly automated SmartStacker process ensures faster job turnaround with less waste and errors, resulting in higher productivity, quality, and profitability.

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Sheet Size (Before Cut) (WxL) 11″ x 12.995″ to 30″ x 20.865″ (merge stacker) , 14.965″ x 12.995″ to 30″ x 20.865″ (B2 stacker)
Piece Size (After Cut) (WxL) 3.94″ x 4.135″ to 15″ x 20.865″ (merge stacker) , 14.965″ x 8.27″ to 30″ x 20.865″ (B2 stacker)
Sheet Weight Range 81.4 to 370 gsm (normal paper), 90 to 360 gsm (coated, merge stacker), 104.7 to 360 gsm (coated, B2 stacker)
Edge Trim Width 0.2″ to 2.36″
Gutter Trim Width 0.24″ to 0.59″
Production Speed Up to 4,600 sheets per hour
Voltage/Frequency 3-phase 200 to 220 V, 50/60 Hz


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