RX8 Media Changer

The Hunkeler RX8 Media Changer features two unwinder stations that can operate clockwise or counterclockwise for the continuous feeding of paper into the printer or into inline finishing systems.

  • Easy roll loading: Side loading unwinders feature automatic roll lifts for operator-friendly, semi-automated roll loading from the transport trolley that increases line productivity by up to 30%.  
  • Roll monitoring: The RX8 continuously displays the roll length remaining, or transmits this data to the printer, so that operators can plan for roll changes.
  • Switch between rolls: In addition to non-stop feeding, the RX8 can also facilitate applications that use two different paper types (e.g., white and cream paper) by interfacing with the printer to switch between the paper type on each unwinder.
  • High-speed splicing: The RX8 can splice at maximum web speed without stopping downstream processes due to an integrated web buffer. Splicing can be done automatically or triggered manually.

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Production speed Up to 500 feet/min
Web width 16 to 22.5″
Max roll weight 2,000 lbs.
Max roll diameter 50″
Paper weight 40 to 150 gsm

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