Roll-to-Roll with Dynamic Perforator

The Standard Hunkeler Roll-to-Roll solution features a high-speed unwinder and rewinder for efficient downstream processing. The UW6 Unwinder and RW6 Rewinder are designed for constant web tension for uniformly tight and straight rolls.

This preowned unit is available immediately.

  • Roll-to-Roll Components:
    • UW6-TW Unwinder (SN: 7183.00835-02/81)
    • VU6-1600 Vacuum Unit (SN: 7188.00428B-14/13)
    • VU6-800 Vacuum Unit (SN: 7188.00428B-10/98)
    • DP8-III Dynamic Perforator (SN: 7528.00390-01/69)
    • RW6 Rewinder (SN: 7182.00432A-03/85)
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