Hunkeler PF7 Plowfolder Solution

The Standard Hunkeler PF7 Plowfolder Solution produces ready-to-bind, glued book blocks from a 30″ wide digital web and can run in-line with continuous-feed digital print engines or off-line.

  • Folding: The Standard Hunkeler PF7 Double Plowfold Module applies 1 or 2 folds in the web direction as needed.
  • Cutting and stacking: The high-performance CS6-HS Cutter converts the multiple-up imposition into book blocks, which are then glued and stacked as 4-, 6-, or 8-page signatures on the SD7 Double Starwheel Delivery Stacker.
  • Near-line finishing: From there, the glued book blocks can be┬ásafely and easily transferred to a near-line perfect binder for book finishing.
  • Output cycles: The PF7 Plowfolder Solution is capable of non-stop operation up to 653 feet per minute and 450 output cycles per hour (multiple books per cycle.)

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Max Roll Diameter 50″
Web Width up to 30″
Operation Speed 66 to 656 fpm
Paper Weights 60 to 150 gsm
Cut Length 8″ to 14″
Book Block Thickness up to 50 mm
Folds one to two plow folds
Delivery 4/6/8 page signatures

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