PF-P3210 Desktop Folder

The PF-P3210 Desktop Folder is an easy-to-use, friction-feed tabletop folder that performs accurate, high-quality folding at speeds of up to 260 sheets per minute. Up to 640 sheets can be loaded onto the system’s feed table for efficient operation.

  • Preset or custom: The PF-P3210 is pre-loaded with 6 common fold patterns and 4 common sheet sizes that can be selected with the push of a button. Custom fold patterns and sheet sizes can also be set up via the operation panel, and these applications can be saved to one of the system’s 31 memory slots for quick recall and setup.
  • Efficient operation: The PF-P3210 features 4 operation modes suited to different production needs and operation environments. Every mode comes with an option to use intermittent feeding to reduce static interference with paper feeding and paper delivery issues with complex folds.
    •  Silent mode: This operation mode ensures quiet operation so as not to disturb the office environment. The slowest operation mode, silent mode is suitable for folding thin sheets.
    • Standard mode: This operation mode is suited for folding thick sheets, and it can run at speeds of up to 140 sheets per minute.
    • High-speed mode: This mode can handle a broad range of paper stocks and fold patterns at speeds of up to 175 sheets per minute.
    • Ultra-high speed mode: Using a unique drive control system, this mode features a quieter operation when folding at a rate of 260 sheets per minute.
  • Frustration-free maintenance: This system features easy access points to the fold rollers and folding plate for quick cleaning and paper jam removal, and the system alerts operators to errors such as an empty feed table, paper jams, misfeeds, feed errors, the buckle chute being open, or the cover being open.

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Sheet Size 12.4″ W x 17.00″ L, Max
2.56″ W x 3.55″ L, Min
Sheet Weight 52 to 157 gsm
Feeder Stack Height 2.16″, Max
Machine Dimensions 39.4″ W x 20.4″ D x 24.6″ H
Machine Weight 83.8 lbs

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