PC-450 Paper Cutter

The PC-450 is a powerful and durable paper cutter featuring easy operation, accurate cutting, and specially-designed safety functions. The PC-450 offers an impressive cutting capacity of up to an A3 long-side width and maximum lift of 2.75″.

  • Easy maintenance: Cut cycles are indicated on a digital counter to determine when the cutting knife should be replaced.
  • Precision cutting: The back-gauge enables adjustment of the cutting length accurately by 0.019″ and can be locked for repeat jobs. An LED cutting line shows the actual cutting position for increased precision.
  • Advanced safety features: The system is activated only when the two cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed and the machine does not operate when the front cover is open to maximize operator safety. The power switch can also be key-activated to limit user access.

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Maximum Cutting Width 17.5″
Maximum Cutting Height 2.75″
Maximum Cutting Depth 17.7″
Cutting Speed 3.3 seconds/cycle (50 Hz), 2.8 seconds/cycle (60 Hz)
Voltage/Frequency Single Phase 115 V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Dimensions 32.7″ (W) x 35.1″ (D) x 51.2″ (H) – including projected parts
Machine Weight 475.8 lb. (without transformer)

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