IM-30 In-line Sheet Inserter

The Standard Horizon IM-30 In-line Sheet Inserter, complements the StitchLiner SaddleStitcher and SPF-200A Bookletmaker. The IM-30 is capable of inserting up to 3 independent sheets into booklets at speeds up to 4,000 per hour.  The IM-30 can automatically insert sheets in the middle of or beneath the top sheet of a booklet when connected in-line with the Standard Horizon StitchLiner SaddleStitcher or SPF-200A Bookletmaker.  The IM-30 has three bins with 4.9 inches of capacity in each, allowing for less frequent reloading of paper.  The IM-30 uses the same patented rotary-pulse vacuum feeding system as the proven VAC Series collators, and delivers exceptional productivity on nearly all paper stocks for inserts such as post cards, hole-punched sheets, and folded sheets.  The IM-30 is equipped with a touch-screen control console for ease of operation, advanced programming, error detection and system monitoring. System functions are presented using an icon-based graphical interface.  This provides for easy training, operation and troubleshooting.  The IM-30 eliminates manual processes to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

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