CRA-36 Auto Creaser

The Standard Horizon CRA-36 Auto Creaser is suitable for creasing covers, restaurant menus, shop cards, greeting cards, and laminated sheets.  With an automated feeding function, this system delivers high quality creasing and is capable of up to 10 creasing lines per sheet.

  • Multiple functions: Perform perforations with simple unit replacement. Optional rotary perforation, edge trim, and gutter cut also available.
  • Perfect bound book covers: Impact creasing helps to prepare high quality perfect bound book covers.
  • Eliminate image cracking: Designed for digital and offset printed sheets, the CRA-36 eliminates cracking common with digital print, cross grain, and UV coating.

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Sheet Size (W x L) from 4.14″ x 7.09″ up to 14.33″ x 34.05″
Sheet Weight Range  80 to 400 gsm (Normal Paper), 105 to 400 gsm (Coated Paper), 0.0079″ to 0.0196″ (Laminated Paper)
Feeder Pile Height 5.9″ Maximum
Number of Crease Lines 10 Creasing Lines Maximum
Production Speed 5,000 sheets/hour (A4, short-edge feed, one crease line)
Voltage/Frequency Single Phase 200 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Dimensions 95.6″ (W) x 27.6″ (D) x 41.1″ (H)
Machine Weight 502.2 lb (main body)

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