BQ-P65 Perfect Binder

The BQ-P65 is ideal for low-volume document binding environments. This compact system can easily cover bind, tape bind, or pad bind in as little as four simple steps to produce professional quality books.

  • Consistent quality across binding styles: When cover binding, the book block is firmly clamped to produce a high-quality book up to 0.98″ in thickness. Depending on the choice of binding style, nipping strength will be automatically adjusted for consistent finishes. Additionally, glue amounts can be easily adjusted based on book thickness.
  • Office-friendly operation: The BQ-P65 features a built-in odor extractor and filter system to remove the smell of glue in the surrounding environment. The system also features a low-temperature glue and power-saving mode for energy efficiency.

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Book Size Max 12.4″ x 8.2″
Book Size Min 8.3″ x 5.9″
Book Thickness Max 0.98″
Cover Size Max 12.4″ x 17.5″
Cover Size Min 8.27″ x 11.70″
Cover Weight Range 82 to 210 gsm (22 to 60 lb)
Machine Dimensions 23.7″ W x 24.3″ D x 10.7″ H

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