2017 StitchLiner 6000 Saddlestitcher: Sold

The Standard Horizon StitchLiner 6000 Digital high-speed saddlestitcher offers in-line cover feeding and non-stop booklet production on a very wide range of paper stocks at up to 600 feet per minute, on pace with the speed of industry-leading continuous-feed printers

This preowned unit can be configured with a Hunkeler TS6 Transfer Station, SE6 Separator, WM6-S Web Merger, LS6 Stacker, UW6 Unwinder, CS6-I-M Cross Cutter, and HKU-700 Compact Suction Unit for a Roll-to-Cut-to-Saddlestitch configuration!

  • Availability: Sold
  • StitchLiner 6000:
    • Year: 2017
    • Serial Number: 684005
    • Count: 16,489
  • StitchLiner 6000 Components:
    • HSF-30S High-Speed Sheet Feeder (SN: 007001)
    • AS-30S Advanced Sequencing Module (SN: 326001)
    • CF-30S Cover Feeder (SN: 352001)
    • ACF-30S Accumulating/Scoring Unit (SN: 663004)
    • SPF-30S Saddle Stitching/Folding Unit (SN: 684005)
    • HTS-30S Three-Knife Trimmer (SN: 684006)
    • TB-30 Chip Extractor (SN: 426005)
    • VIVA Integrity Inspection System Bundle
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