Ohio State University Adds Horizon StitchLiner

Starting at Ohio State University in 1997, and moving up to the position of plant manager at UniPrint was a welcome opportunity for Jim Strapp. Today, Strapp works with 38 employees along with 15 stu­dent helpers, to turn out printed materials for the Columbus, Ohio-based university — which has had a print shop since 1914. The in-plant’s annual operating budget is $6.6 million for print production plus $6.8 million for the university’s copier/printer program.

In the past two years, UniPrint has made several major equipment invest­ments to create more effi­ciency throughout the in-plant and to keep up with the university’s needs. When the bindery depart­ment needed a major upgrade, Strapp addressed that by adding a Standard Horizon StitchLiner 5500 saddlestitcher.

“We needed a machine that was capable of running both offset and digital work,” says Strapp. “Standard Horizon’s reputation for quality combined with the service from Graphco was the final decision for the purchase.”

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