Horizon Donates Face Shields Made with Die Cutter

Horizon International, one of Standard’s most trusted partners, recently made news in Japan for their donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) that was manufactured using Horizon’s rotary die cutting technology. Horizon donated over 3,000 face shields and 6,000 eye shields to their local community and hospital.

You can find the original news story (in Japanese) by clicking here, but we’ve supplied an English translation below:


Horizon Donates Face Shields

Horizon, headquarted in Takashima, Japan, produced protective face shields and eye shields using their die cutting machines to help those on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. Today, Horizon donated those face shields and eye shields to the local government in Takashima.

Horizon donates PPE to Takashima

The face shields and eye shields were produced by Horizon using their extensive manufacturing experience in the printing industry. However, instead of normal paper, Horizon used clear PET sheets (a lightweight thermoplastic) that were then processed using their rotary die cutting technology.

Horizon’s rotary die cutter technology

Horizon donated 3,000 face shields and 6,000 eye shields, which can be attached to disposable face masks. Both the face shields and eye shields will be distributed to the medical community in Takashima.

Eye shields can attach to face masks

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