Documation furthers its digital transformation.

The history of Documation begins in 1999 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with the acquisition of an in-plant printing operation, formerly owned by a company that organized seminars. After the acquisition, Documation continued to produce materials used in the original owner’s seminars like paper-based direct mail, brochures, and other onsite materials.

Jeremy Stanek, Documation’s Vice President of Operations, explains that Documation’s original founder leveraged the expertise the company gained by serving the seminar company and began producing similar work for a variety of associations such as the American Bar Association. Soon, they leveraged existing perfect binding capabilities to branch out and serve publishers as well. In 2012, the company was bought by Brad Stuckert, the current CEO, and began to reinvent itself again for a digital world.

Since then, the company has evolved to be 100% digital with a focus on print-on-demand, particularly books. Stanek adds, “We still print for the seminar company; we do about 65 million brochures and postcards for them every year, and we are doing quite a bit of direct mail as well. But books have increasingly become our focus, especially since we serve many web-to-print providers with online bookstores needing to process book-of-one orders.”


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