WI6 Web Inspection System

Using state-of-the-art digital camera technology to scan the full width of the web up to 30” inches, the stand-alone WI6 system captures high-resolution images of printed output for various types of quality and integrity analysis at speeds up to the full speed of the press.

  • CIS scanning bar: The newest version of WI6 contains the integrated CIS (Contact Image Sensor) scanning bar in place of a camera to perform quality and integrity analysis.
  • Automated setup: Advanced touch screen technology enables operators to set up to 50 control regions on up to 20 templates per job in just minutes.
  • Available software: Analysis can be performed according to the software packages installed. Available packages include:

  • Application flexibility: The WI6 is a free standing unit within any line and captures the data without controlling the web speed to prevent undesirable printer start/stop issues.
  • Reliable rewinding: When electronically connected to the Hunkeler Rewinder (RW6), the WI6 can signal the rewinder to perform a soft shutdown when operator selectable error quantities or error percentages are exceeded.
  • Precise cutting and stacking: If electronically connected to the Hunkeler Cutter Stacker (CS6), erroneously printed sheets can be cut and diverted into the waste bin.
  • Additional options: A light bar to alert operators of quality concerns, image capture software, DF connection software, finishing inspection connections, and Hunkeler Site Manager to collect error data and status from tracking controllers on Hunkeler finishing devices for production reporting and piece level tracking.

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