Roll-to-Cut/Stack Gen8

Featuring technology from Hunkeler’s Generation 8, this Roll-to-Cut/Stack line combines the CS8 cutting module and LS8 offset stacking module to convert a continuous web into one or multiple offset stacks. Web widths up to 22.5 inches are processed at speeds up to 590 feet per minute, and the DynaCut function for variable-format production allows cut-off length changes while running.

The UW6 core-driven unwind module is suited for flexible, high-performance use, allowing rolls to be changed quickly with motor-assisted, semi-automated loading. The UW6 is available in 20.5” and 22.5” wide versions.

The CS8 rotary cross cutting module consistently produces clean and accurate cuts, based on a top of form (register) mark on either side of the web, ensuring the highest levels of productivity and output quality.  The individually driven slitters allow the processing of multiple up forms, and edge trimmers and gutter cuts are available to remove marks or white areas.

In the LS8 stacker module, all signatures or sheets are collected and continuously stacked to the desired height. The LS8 can be equipped with optional offset stacking as well as 2-up, 3-up or 4-up stack capability.

The optional WM8 Web Merger slits and merges the web for East-West printing.

The new Hunkeler Workflow Manager provides user-friendly and convenient operation of the production line.

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Max Roll Diameter 54″
Web Width Up to 22.5″
Operation Speed 33 to 590 fpm
Paper Weights 40 to 300 gsm
Cut Length 5.5″ to 19″
Sheet Width (1-up) 6.5″ to 22.5″
Sheet Width (2-up) 4″ to 11.25″
Sheet Width (3-up) 4″ to 7.5″
Sheet Width (4-up) 4″ to 5.625″

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